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Welcome to the Le Feu Sacré website. I hope you like the new style. Here I will place as many resources as I can for LFS players- Scenarios, army lists and accounts of our bicenntenial refights. Hopefully these will be useful for any Napoleonic wargamers.

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A La Baionette is released!

Twenty one historical scenarios 1796-1815

Caldiero, 1796
Trebbia Parts One and Two, 1799
Hohenlinden, 1800
Austerlitz, 1805
Sokolnitz, 1805
Anklappen, 1807
Medina de Rioseco, 1808
Teugen-Hausen, 1809
Abensburg, 1809
Maria, 1809
Anderklaa, 1809
Znaim, 1809
Salamanca, 1812
Utitsa, 1812
Castalla, 1813
Eisdorf, 1813
Hagelburg, 1813
Mockern, 1813
St Pierre, 1813
Plancenoit, 1815
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